Bucket List

I got the inspiration to do this from this blog and got some of the ideas from that and this.. HERE WE GO! Do you want to do it? If you do, please give my a link to the list so I can see it to!

The parts that are blue and crossed out  have been done the parts that are in Green Italic are in progress
  1. Ride a Roller Costar
  2. Kiss a dolphin
  3. Feed a giraffe 
  4. Do a photo shoot with a butterfly
  5. Get a EVEN more professional camera
  6. Do a photo shoot with my BFF
  7. Write a novel 
  8. Photograph a barn owl
  9. Swim with a dolphin
  10. Do my nails professionally 
  11. Get a Versatile Blogger award
  12. Meet somebody famous 
  13. Babysit a baby
  14. Buy a waterproof camera
  15. Buy a tripod
  16. get a Mockingjay pin
  17. Kiss a beluga whale
  18. Ride a horse
  19. Get 50+ followers
  20. Hold a snake
  21. Hold a bird
  22. Walk underwater
  23. Walk through a butterfly garden 
  24. Film myself on an amusement park ride
  25. Ice skate
  26. Go 60 seconds under water
  27. Publish a book
  28. Photograph a dolphin
  29. Take an amazing one of a kind photo
  30. Run a lemon ade stand
  31. stand in the shoars of the ocean
  32. Go to the Anne Frank House Amsterdam
  33. Watch a full season a show
  34. Meet my pin-pal
  35. See the Northern Lights
  36. Have a book I wrote made into a movie
  37. Travel the world
  38. Have an author sign my book
  39. Help children in Africa
  40. Laugh and say "Burn! in yo face!" to the guy who thought the world would end in Dec. 2012 if it didn't end
  41. Visit Auschwitz
  42. Adopt a child
  43. See the play Cats
  44. Attend a masquerade
  45. Sleep under the stars
  46. Spend a day in New York holding up a "Free autographs for when I become famous" sign! 
  47. Let go of floating lanterns
  48. Throw a dart at a map and go to wherever it lands!
  49. Have my own library
  50. Visit the Titanic
  51. Meet a bloggie buddy
  52. kiss in the rain
  53. Get an email from somebody famous 
  54. Ride in a hot air balloon
  55. See a dare devil stunt
  56. See all 50 states!
  57. Take photos like these
  58. Publish a best-selling novel
  59. Find out why a raven is like a writing desk--- ANSWER:  "Why is a raven like a writing desk?" The answer Lewis Carroll gives is that "They both produce a few notes, all very flat, and are almost never turned the wrong way front." Cool!
  60. Do everything on my bucket list
  61. Go to Disney land
  62. Own a Nikon camera


  1. Haha, that's actually a lot like my bucket list! (I keep most of it in my head.)Just curious, who was the famous emailer? Oh, and finally, I hope you get to go to Disneyland!!!!

    1. The famous emailer was Susan Beth Pfeffer. She wrot "A year without Michael."

    2. Really? Thats so cool!!!! how do you make a bucket list? And how do you make the thingys on top of your blog that say blog, about me, book reviews ,buttons 4 u ,my photography blog, other,button up, bucket list, and I made? Could you email me and tell me ( if you can). Thanks. See you soon ( I hope).


      P.s. Did you notice that this comment is shorter then most of the ones I send you?

  2. I've only done like two things on my bucke list :( . Your lucky.

  3. Cool bucket list! Im working on making mine on my blog!


  4. I like number 48! And by "Go to the Titanic" what do you mean?
    If you mean the ship.. well then.. I will be happy and jealous if you do :)
    You and me are alot alike! lol I am obsessed with the Holocost, Anne Frank (I am reading her diary for the second time! lol) and Titanic. lol I really want to visit the Anne Frank House too!


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