Monday, January 6, 2014

I hate autocorrect Blogithon hour 1 day 1

Dhdjosnfpoebor hejdisksldifnxkslronaisifhzkd fkrktkfldlekfjlfldkfkdkvlskelenekdofkd krktkdkdkdkkfkdkdndnsn

I will type with me eyes closed and it will come out perfect! You know why??? AUTOCORRECT! No editing will be done to this post, enjoy 

Heklicjtvbqb u w. g c f juke h newer fj. Fd gr rhe heb. FDA at fjjwr n n jk. JH JJ 

Wow I was wrong :/ well I hate it because it turns words into whatever rot wants IT JUST dId it I said IT and it put ROT

It changed the post title also 

  Ky Yale el loud e
Round wo kre


I I did age u inde g I I. I t 

Well it used autocorrect cause I never said THAT lol


Sunday, January 5, 2014


I wanna host the first ever Blogithon. 
Staring ME!!!


I will post every hour for 7 hours tomorrow and then two posts everyday for a week!


I am the only one excited 

Snow snow snow

It just keeps snowing and snowing, it's snowed all day. It's really deep. It is suppossed to be -15 degrees tomorrow. 
My brother --- not rob --- loves Squirt soda. I don't like it. I don't think I have anymore "Followers." oh we'll. Whatever. Hello random follower please leave a comment! SNOW!

Going to write a 2013 in reveiw :)

Signed books

So I walk in the books store and what do I see? Chamipoin be Marie Lu! Third book in the legend series, signed!

For Christams::::
I got signed copies of the Fault in our Stars and Looking for Alaska by John Green :)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Another post?!

Going through OLD posts is funny
Going through 2012 posts is sad
Because there are like so many memories. Things I posted and comments people have left. And now I feel like I failed, like I was awesome, and and now I failed and I don't even know if people read this blog anymore. I want to turn my blog into a book and call it 

Okok ok
 So enough

........ D e a r blog
So I have failed.
Over and over.
I will fail again.
Unless some people can comment that they are still here for me ... The blog.... Then I will feel better

I feel

I feel like I am the only blogger who blogs so randomly. I swear!

A late night post posted on my mobile

This is my first "iPod" post. I made this blog like 3 years ago.... I can't believe it. And it was so much awesomer back then. So let's talk about books.

I have about about 16 books to read
I had a huge book hall.
The divergent covers are so cool without their jackets, especially divergent ;) 
The catching fire movie companion Is awesomer then thg one :)
Both are awesome movies but catching fire is like WOA like it is one of the best book to film adaption I have ever seen! 
Enough fangirl talk! 

Ooo look at my Katniss and peeta poster!!!

End of fangirling

Idk what to talk about
Plants vs zombies streak of 25-6 on last stand
Streak of 15 vasebraker 
Completed zen garden then sold it all.
My room is so tiny.
I never blogged in my room before.

Hi! My iPod doesn't have a camera. Stupid theird generation.
You know what I don't like? People you blog and never capitalize the "I"

Had anybody read Allegiant 😏😏😔😣😭😭 ?? 

You can unfollow me if you want to cause I don't care :)

I am just being random
Going to count all my books brb

170 books :)
I. Want. More. ! ! ! !

Books are my water

Titus (the dog) is barking. Stap it. Just stap. 

Yes, yes I did spell stop with an A.

I hate swag


Sorry Bestie reading this  I don't hate your swag ;)

Mirrors by Ellie Gouling fav song on CF soundtrack heehee

p h o t o s


I find blogging hard


I have not blogged anything in forever. I don't know if I want to continue. I don't think I want to continue my photography blog, but I would post my photos here, If I continue this one. I feel like I could, I mean, just typing this post feels good. It just feels good to be typing something. I changed my blog name back to what it original was, and I just want this to be a life blog and that's it. I feel like I am always writing these kind of posts. It needs to stop, I need to blog, but I only blog when it interests me, such as now. I just want to write right now. So, let me be random, in these past few months, I have bought A LOT of books. I also received a lot of books, I also got two books signed by John Green, and one signed by Marie Lu. Awesome. CATCHING FIRE: I saw it twice. It was amazing! I loved it so much! I cried! FACT: I am more excited for Divergent then I was when I first saw the first trailer. ANOTHER FACT: I hate the entire cast, most look too old to be intitates. I don't like Shai as Tris or Hazel, I don't like Theo as Four, I don't like Ansel as Augustus. Simple as that. TFIOS movie trailer of Valentines day, YAY! These pictures are old. JENA MALONE AS JOANNA IS LIKE SO AWESOME! Today Charlie bit me. Charlie the cat. I secretly named a stray cat that hangs around our neighborhood Willow. I like the name River. I feel like where I live is so awesomely lonely, like a place in the middle of nowhere, we are surrounded by woods, but I don't know how big they are. I was riding my bike and a deer in the middle of the road scared me to death. I saw BLACKFISH, and now I hate seaworld, I like hashtags but never use them #weird. FACT: that CF still with Finnick and Katniss is not in the movie. DELTED SCENE WOOP! Neither the Peeta and the Morphling still, but whatev. EFFIE SAID MAHOGANY! I still don't like Lenny Kravitz as Cinna. His death in the movie was kinda weird, cause he looks like he could beat those peacekeepers up! Miley Cyrus makes me mad. Catching fire makes me sad. I WROTE A LETTER TO JENNIFER LAWRENCE AND SHE HASENT WRITTEN BACK! But JENNIFER <3 I hope she wins an Oscar if she gets nominated for that new movie she is in, she is a good actress. Remember when I called Avery Rob? Good times, good times......