Friday, March 1, 2013


Yes. Really! HERE I AM! POSTING!

wow. I have been a terrible blogger...........................

I have written the farthest I have ever written in a diary. I always give up. Now I am half way done iwth it. Here is the first entry:

January 22, 2013

Dear Anne*,

Here is a diary. I do hope to fill it. But, I must be careful. Or else I will just stop writing. I hope to fill this diary with the stories of my life.

This book was originally going to be a spiritual journal. But I guess it can do both.



Yesterday I received a beautiful box- which I am using for photographs and scrap paper- filled with books. Well, four books anyways. Two of them where Hunger Games books.
    On Sunday, at life group, me and little Eva  Roger* made a darling comic. She had the idea, so she thought up the plot and drew the pictures. I wrote the words. I took notes of every word she said, because it was so darling, I wanted to write her words into a written-comic. It is very laughable. The title is darling as well, she thought of it. “THE ADVENTURES OF RUBY AND HER SIDE-KICK EVA!” How cute is that?  Eva is only 7. She is the sister of one of my “friends.” (Robin Roger.) She slipped on the stairs while playing “Mama, Mama Come Alive!” (The trampoline game.) Poor girl!
  Yesterday, I also watched a sad holocaust movie called “The Pianist.” A few weeks ago, me and Myra went to see Les Miserabels! OH! It was so good! As for today, I made my own beauty supplies.

* All diary entrees are made out to Anne. (Anne Frank.) 
* The real names of the peoples involved have been changed.