Thursday, August 16, 2012


Sorry everybody for not posting! My photography blog needs only ONE MORE to make 70 followers! I have a goal of 100 on there, so please follow! :) So, whatda all been up to? I have been thinking, and I was thinking, maybe I should move this blog... move it to my photography blog. I know it seems weird, but I think I want my photography and writing to be moshed together into one blog, but, I want it to be more serious. I don't know. I really don't. Do you think I should? I would keep this blog up, maybe leave it as just a book reviews and blog designs, and maybe videos, blog. This blog would just move though to my photography blog, for seriousness and deepness. Maybe I will just keep this one for randomness.... Yes. I am just going to keep this one for randomness I would just devote this to PURE randomness.   If you still would like from-the-heart and really real posts, follow my photography blog, 'cause seriously, I think that  the two of  my passions would be on one blog, and I cannot put randomness into something I want serious. Book reviews will still be available, posted, on this blog, as well as average silliness. Well, Do you think I should. I really have no idea. HMMMMMMMM

Friday, August 3, 2012


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Exuse the rude Avery at the end

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Bair Lake Bible Camp was really fun! The week went by so fast! On the first day, we went to our cabins. I was in Sunrise D. There were 7 other girls there, my friend Ashley, Emma C., Emma P., Liz, Alissa, Alison, and Jess. After we made name tags to put on our beds, we went to lunch. The lunches at camp were really good! After lunch, we went to Chapel. At Chapel, we saw a video with “Ma, Pa, and Cletus.” It was really funny! Then we were signed to teams. Each team got a bandanna and a name. I was in the Rattlesnakes and had a gray bandanna. After we met our team, we went back to chapel. The speaker there said he died when he was a baby. He was really funny! We went to bed at 10:15 and got up at 7:00, even though the camp schedule said 7:30! We went to breakfast, then morning chapel, and then we had team time. We played lots of games with our teams like Ga Ga Ball, and Gold rush, were we had to get potatoes! Then we went to lunch, and then to the pack (Where chapel was held). There we played a game show called “What in the world… IS THAT!” It was really funny and fun. Then we watched are cabin clean up videos which were super funny! Ma and Cletus would go into are cabins to see how clean they were! Then they would pick two cabins, a girl cabin and a boy cabin. The cabins that were picked were honor cabins and got to go first to get their meals. My cabin got honor cabin on Thursday! After that, we had free time. At night chapel, they had activities for us to do. We each got to pick two. One activity for Monday and Wednesday and the other for Tuesday and Thursday. I picked swimming and archery. At free time I went to the snack shop and pool and the lake and went tubing. Ashley fell off the tube! Tubing was really fun! In archery I hit the target 8 times! We also did lip syncs and me and my team did “Hakuna Matata!” I was a zebra! It was really fun! We also had hobo breakfast! I didn’t like it. We had to cook our own bacon and eggs outside in the dirt with a tiny can! It was really hard to cook the egg! We also did a “Hootenanny!” were we all got to eat popcorn and cotton candy and watch a movie! It was fun, but the movie messed up so we couldn’t finish it! It was really fun! I really liked archery and the cabin clean up videos and “What in the world is that.” Also, we had a little camp fire and it started to rain! We danced and sang in the rain. Then we found out who won the lip sync. Each team gets points and whoever as the most points on the last day wins! My team won! I miss camp and hope I can go again!