Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stuff that's happening

 Okay so I am going to do a real post now. Nothing much has happened. We sold all our puppies! Heres
some pictures:

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pool party

I went on a pool party sleep-over with my friends. It was fun. In the elevator, on one wall there is a mirror and the wall opisit to it there is also a mirror. So it keeps of reflecting the other mirrors making a never ending all of mirrors! Creepy!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Poems about Anne Frank

Anne Frank Poem
By Rachael VWalters

A simple girl with great ambitions, that were 
Never to be fulfilled; but 
Neither to go unnoticed, her 
Early life was to be stilled. She was

Furious at the Germans, though she
Realizes; not everyone is truly bad,
And she never really despises; the
Nazis that took her life, and caused her much despair;
Knowing that made her strong, even when the world's unfair.

♥I Am Anne Frank♥
I am Anne Frank.
A beautiful girl with brown bouncing curls
So lovely;
And admired by all the other girls

I am Anne Frank
A little, innocent Jew
But now it's just me;
And my diary Kitty,too.
Sadness and loneliness is all I feel
Sometimes I wonder 
Is this even real?
Day after day
In the Secret Annexe
Is where I stay
Wishing for freedom
No matter how I pray
I can not have freedom
For Nazi's have taken it away

I am Anne Frank
They have found us at last
Goodbye to everything
Goodbye to my past
Kitty, I bid you goodbye
But no matter what
Those cruel men will not see me cry
Everyone is in a such a horrible state
Goodbye world
Now Bergen-Belsen is my fate

I am Anne Frank
Can you not hear me scream?
All of my hopes;
All the shattered dreams

I am Anne Frank
My time has come
Remember me
For I am not the only one
Who suffered this fate
My fame will come
I just need to wait

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
That could have trickled down her face
That left a sorrowful trace
Under the circumstances
She kept her pride
All of her emotions
In which she had to hide
A prayer
Here and there
Couldnt save her from despair
She made all the effort to stay alive
Until a cold day in 1945
Dear little Anne;
Was buried alive.
Flown away; an angel in the sky
Now all that is left is the tears we cry

The last two poems by: Link


Write on write on
Mrs. Anne Frank
For your words
Will change the world
Know that Jesus is your savior
And do not fret when you are alone
Liberation is coming,
Your daddy waiting.


I am the girl that everybody knows,
Beauty every boy sees
yet do they know, were I'm to grow
in the next two years?
In an house,
a dirty little house,
behind the book case it be,
were eight of us safe
grow weary with every shake
of bombs booming above,
and now I fear, the end is near,
to Germany will I come,
found in the longest game of hid and seek,
now I feel very weak.

Now my time as passed,
notes and flowers, coins and rain showers
pass and cover my grave day by day,
but I am happy.
I am with my daddy, and I am with God.

What is this?

(\/) _________
 ''                               O
(( /  ______ ( ( /

Corn Speedwell

(Fairy drawling in process)

Look Fairy baby!
Do you see those little bits of blue?
(see there, among the grass so fair?)
Oh fairy baby you do!
What are they, do you ask?
are they friends of the butterflies who pass?
Forget-me-nots are small and blue,
these are too.
So tiny and delicate are these,
did they fall from the tress?
No! No! Fairy baby!
These are the flowers of no daisy or tree bud,
but Corn Speedwell
and that is the Speedwell's hum.

By: ME!
"Butterflys who pass..." from Cicely Barker

the twilight

The Twilight

There is a world,
in which the sky,
is always black and gold
people my or may not be bold
in witch to go behind the glowing mirror,
in the middle of bare hot desert ground,
It is the same with the people living there,
in the world of glowing figures,
golden skys,
and strange black clouds,
they just stare, at the mirror,
what is behind the mirror
but they all fear
to go near
the mirror.
Only on of the Twili from the Twilight Realm,
a place forever wrapped in a sunset,
Midna is her name
her white skin reflects and seems to glow under this land of Twilight.
dark, beautiful twilight
but when danger comes,
she picks up her skirts and runs.
runs and runs,
past the mirror,
she had no fear,
and into an imp she becomes.
her beauty gone,
she finds a wolf and they move along
the wolf will enter,
go behind the mirror,
to the land of Twilight and save the world. 

Poem by Ruby Plank
idea from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

I just felt like writing some poem quickly without a real idea. ENJOY! 

Friday, March 9, 2012

And the award goes to...

1. The Red Heads - an awesome blog about a red headed family
2. In the Kitchen with Jenn - followed - my Aunt's cooking blog
3. Cute Overload - just plain cuteness
4. 366 Random Acts of Kindness - followed - random acts of kindness
and 5. Wesley the Owl - followed - NOT UPDATED OFTEN but a blog by the writer of Wesley the Owl

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I FOUND HER! Photo complements of Vance Brooke

Monday, March 5, 2012

CTC - last Sunday

Last Sunday at CTC, our teacher Mrs. Landolt gave us each a pipe cleaner and told us to make something that represented OUR (Each child in the class) relationship with God. Some made light bulbs, some pie (3.14), and other things. I made on the left side, a rocky, hard, steep trail, representing the times I'm hardly focused on God. Then the middle, it's smooth and straight, the times I am focused on him, but then later (on the right) I'm back were I started. Not focused. It was a really good thing to do at class.

Friday, March 2, 2012

No proper "Welcome"

When I started this blog, there was no welcome post. So,

WELCOME TO MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty Pink

I decided that I wanted to change my blog look. I wanted to keep the whole look save for the background, and maybe some fronts. So I decided to go with this. How douse it look?

Corn Speedwell

On the post below, I show forget-me-nots, actually I didn't really know what they were. I just called them forget-me-nots because they were tiny and blue. I did some research and terns out that the flowers posted below are corn speedwell.

I always thought that forget-me-nots didn't really match-up  to the flowers that grow in small patches in our yard in the spring.


Look at the flowers above, that douse not look like my "Forget-me-nots!"

they are copyrighted to whoever took them.

Speedwell Fairy
Flower Fairy of the speedwell! Note by Cicely Mary Barker on this fairy: There are many kinds of Speedwell: this is the Germander.


Two days ago, it felt like spring. The water was clear and the sky blue, the sun shining. It was such a nice feeling that day to be outside in the fresh air without a coat and without shivering. I sat on the pier reading and writing as the wind blew, the water sparkled and the wind blew through the holes in the pole supporting the pier, making whistling noises. I let Charlie go outside that day, but I stayed with him. He sat in the grass, eating grass, and exploring. When I put him in the house, he continuously meowed for me to let him out, he'll do that if he sees us outside in the backyard. I also spot some forget-me-nots and teeny-weeny daisy things.

A REAL pearl and sterling silver neckless Rosalyn gave me!