Saturday, November 26, 2011

Abby Kaddabi

Dear Anne,
My cousin Abby is here. Making Rob angry. ohhh.
No time to write though I do love it so.




Phone rings 
Avery answers.....

Yo and Songs by Rob

Now Asa's name is Yo! (Sing in rap)


Yo yo yo
yo yo
yo yo
yo yo
(Yo yo on and on)


Feel the burn
flex it
feel your che flowing
in through up and out


Avery, Rob, keeps going AWWW YAH to his icky eggs!


I have a bro,
and this bro
wants to change
his name to row,
not row, or bow, or bro
or grow, he wants it to be Rob
so he can get a job
to have a throb
of ice cream
and to dance on a sun beam
and plant super rare magic jelly beans.

He wants to change his name
He hates being mentioned in blogger.

Avery wants to be referred to on this blog as Rob.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Dear Anne,

So today, I mean yesterday, Thanksgiving, was fun. I went to my aunt Pru's house (I made my own brownies). A cute baby girl crawled upstairs and pushed the door open and then shut it and said thank you to Asa for giving her the chair and then smashed the door shut and then it opened and there was Victor with two hands over his nose! Then the little girl poured water all over me, (Well, not all over), and she just kept smiling and laughing and she said sorry. She is such a cutie! She kept taking our things saying "Mine! Mine!" In a happy way. She is so happy! If we take things from her, she just smiles and jumps and stomps her feet saying that it's hers.! All those cute moments make me wish I had  a camera to take videos and photos of all that cute stuff! I'm saving for one. So far $25.00.

Happy birthday Corban!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


First there were Silly Bandz....

Now there are feathers!

An Award

This is an award for Mrs. Steele and her blog.
This award is unofficially official and is given to Mrs. Steele 
because for these reasons listed below. 
  • I want to give an award
  • Mrs. Steele is my fav Sunday school teacher
  • Her blog is awsome!
  • Her blog is cute and fun to read.
  • She took me to a writing club and whatever. 


1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Post the award on your blog.
4. Bask in the love of the most supportive people on the Internet.

    The others who get this award are.....



    Once I was riding my bike home from the mail and right in front of me there was a deer and it scared the jizzles out of me. It ran right in front of me and at first I thought it was a fox. Luckily, it was a doe.

    At turkey run mom was just inches away from a deer ramming into her.


    Tomorrow is mom's birthday.
    I just figured out how to make pages.
    I don't know.
    1. New post
    2. Edit pages
    3. New page

    Make PAGES Gadget first!

    A LAST YEAR story

    Okay so last year.....

    AT the fair, there is this HUGE SLIDE (You know what I'm talking about right?) and Asa wanted to go on it. We only had so many tickets and I did not want to go on it. Avery didn't either. So I decided to go on it. I thought it would be really boring. Well, as we got higher up Asa got scared. He got a weird look on his face and I asked him if he was alright. He shook his head and wanted to go down and started to cry. I took him down (He got his ticket back) but I wanted to go down the slide just to try it out. When I went on the slide it was SO FUN! I went up in the air and landed hard on my back once! Asa later decided to go with me on my lap.

    EWW and AWWW

    Remember your comment? (Mrs. Steele)
    The EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW part of this is that there are tons of fruit flies around the computer all because of RENAE and the BANANA she NEVER ATE!  It is absolutely disgusting!

    Monday, November 14, 2011


    I hear thunder.
    The JOURNAL Of

    Photos, Letter, Poems and stories by Ruby Plank included

    Edited by Ruby Plank * Notes by Ruby Plank * Photos by anonymous
    Fancy designs Press * All for girlz * la Diario de RubĂ­ Plank *  Tea cup edition

    This is my real diary.
    The names of several people involved have been changed. Things that have been added later have been marked *on each end.* This includes poems and stories included originally in the diary. Photos included. Drawings not included. Some sentences and paragraphs have been completely changed for a better understanding and a more complete and better look.  THIS HAS BEEN TAKEN FROM MY WORD PROCESSOR/ NOTE ARE NOT SHOWN. PAGE NUMBERS SHOWN.

    This book  is Dedicated to two people:
    My mom, for giving me the diary and loving me and supporting my dream of becoming a writer. I love you mom.
    And to Anne Frank, for inspiring me to write (in a diary also!).

    DIARY ONE --- Inside cover
    My diary 2011
    Like my outfit?
    ME: Ruby Plank
    AGE: 6


    This journal belongs to:
    Ruby Plank
    (Thank you mom!)#

    Ruby Plank  Ruby Plank  Ruby Plank Ruby Plank  Ruby Plank
    Signatures added March 4 2011  

    * Nov. 3 Turns out I am really five in this photo! Sorry for not looking at the date closer!*
    First page………………………………......................................................................... 1

    By Ruby Plank
         Ruby Plank

    Thursday, February 10 , 2011

    To tell you the truth, I have never really written in a diary before. I mean, every time I start a diary, I just stop. I hope I can find this fun enough to finish and to be honest, I don’t think I will. I just got writing because Anne Frank inspired me.
    Added later that day: I was really writing this first page on a single sheet of lined paper instead of a diary or notebook. Then I thought about this old big journal that I thought would go to waste! I now have to copy some things down.
    And this diary looks better don’t you think? The yellow flowers and the pretty green pages... Lovely! As I go through P. 1 I see so many mistakes, but, then, what douse that matter?! I will just be making many more mistakes!

         It is only, let me see……………… 4 days (Of coarse! As it is the tenth it would be four days! I wasted my time..!) till valentine’s day! I know what’s coming. We (me and my brothers Avery, age 8 soon to be 9, and Asa, on the 19th he will be 6, wow!) will get a bag of candy, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll get my kitten I’ve been waiting so long for since that day… I’ll tell you about that later. Mom will probably say no but you never know. I learned that it’s bad to get your hopes up to high because if there is something you so desperately want and think you’re going to get and you answer is no, well…. You might burst into tears. I shall tell you that story later though.

    * * * *

        I had to stop to read my un-interesting book. I found one of my stories, a story about an owl and a kitten, had a large bite in it! I know who did it. Pearl! Our German Shepherd dog.
        If this ever becomes a famous diary (I doubt it will), like Anne Frank’s, I wonder if the company# who made my diary will be prideful. But that’s silly!
        I’d like to call you something like Anne Frank called her diary Kitty. Humm… how about Daisy? I’ll try it:

                                            Dear Daisy

    I don’t know… Daffy? Dandy?


      2 ……………………………...........................................................................................                                    

    Dear Daffy

    Yes! That’s it! Daffy!

    * * * *

    The boys are in my room as I write right now. They are annoying my very much! Asa’s talking nonsense and Avery is trying to correct me saying “You don’t spell Asa’s with a A-S-A-S!” #
    I am going to tell you how I want my kitten to act and be:

    Color: Tan or gray tiger. [It is tan tiger-ish 28 Sept]
    Eyes: Blue                       [Nope. They are olive green 28 Sept.]
    Size: Small, very
    Age: Under three months
    Gender: Male                      [(Yep!)]
    I want him to be loving in loyal. Sweet and funny and very playful [(well… he is to playful!)]. I want him to play with my hair and lick my toes and chin and follow me every were I go and be like Leone, my cousin’s cat. I want a main coon. [nope! 28 Sept.] I want it to sleep and snuggle with me.

    When I said “I have never written in a diary before and hope I can finish,” I meant whenever I start a diary, I quit after one or two entries. So far, it’s been fun and I’m inspired by Anne Frank in diary-writing [I know so much about her! I have a lot of books about her! 28 Sept.]

    I had a lock diary that I hated and through away. It was hot pink, puffy, and sparkly with a puffed up heart and a kitten inside with a jewel collar. I like you better, [though I’m never writing in this diary again (I have a few others) 29 Sept.] your simply fancy and you have more pages.
    I LOVE FAIRY TALES, DON’T YOU? [I just wrote that randomly out of nothing to write 29 Sept.]

          Oh Daff! This is so fun! Writing in you is so fun!
     Here is a quote from Anne’s diary#:

    “I want to live on, even after my death.”

    Anne Frank has lived on, in the hearts and minds of millions. She never thought anyone
    ………………………………......................................................................................... 3

    would be interested in “The babblings
    Here is a quote I WROTE! Me! and hopefully it will be a quote everyone will love [and as I’m trying to get this published into an E-book, I hope everybody will highlight it 29 Sept.]

    A diary is like a newspaper full of real life stories. [I don’t know were I got the idea of this from. Something like ‘Life is a newspaper..” or what ever. 29 Sept.]

    * * * *

    I’ve read Milly-Molly-Mandy like, twice and I’m going to read it a third time! I’m said to be a good drawler….#
       Do you know what Avery calls me? Bray O’Brian! The last name of the owner of Wesley the owl!

    Same day at night,

    Dear Daffy,

       I’ll tell you a story. The story of how I learned to not get your hopes up to high.

    Once, me and my dad were going to the vet to pick-up some flea medicine for our dogs. It was not open so we went to my grandpa and grandma’s house. Dad was talking with grandpa when I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around and saw a gray kitten over three months old. Grandpa said I could have it if I wanted it. Of coarse I wanted it! I begged dad and he gave me the phone. I called mom. We talked and she wanted to talk to dad etc, etc. We had to find out what the cost was o fix a male cat. $80. We went swimming. Mom said when we come home she would give me an answer. I was to anxious to swim. I was so sure she’d say yes that when she said “No” I burst into tears. Mom promised me a kitten in the spring.

       It isn’t a very complete story but I’m in a hurry. My dad just got home. In two days we are going to have a sleep over at my cousins house.

    P.S. Dad is trying to look in my diary!
    4 ……………………………….........................................................................................

    * * * *

       I have to stop reading to tell you this:

    “Change you’re shirt!”
    “Change you’re underwear!”
    * Nov. 4 “PUT ON YOUR BRA!*

    Annoying traits of moms. Mom says I can’t talk about things right. Uhggg!!!

    P.S. I’ve started wearing undershirts.

    Yours, unless I find something else to write,

    P.S. I like asking you Q.’s. even though you can’t answer them. It’s fun!

    I think I will read you through.

    Why did I make this map?! IT’S UGLY!#

    I am going to read Anne Frank now.


    February 11, 2011

    Dear Daffy,

    I don’t know how to start. It is morning. My hair is itchy and tomorrow we are having the sleep over. I can’t bring you along though but I promise to tell you everything when we get back. I wish you had a lock. Then I’d take the key with me on the sleep over.
       3 days till valentine’s day. I can’t wait for my answer to getting a kitten. The boys are outside playing in the snow. I wonder were my cat that is not my cat anymore is.
       *Let me tell you about my friends, family, and church chums.

    ………………………………......................................................................................... 5


    The Cook family

    Avery Cook is my brothers BFF. He’s lucky to have a BFF! What a coincidence they have the same name! Avery C. Loves video games, star wars, and Mario. He is silly and chubby and a whinier.
    Laurence Cook is my so-called “Boy friend” but I’m not interested in him. He is not very mature. I don’t like him to much. He is arrogant, idiotic, dumb, horrible, Uhggg!, etc.
    March Cooke is a little pest and so is her little sister Elli Cooke.

    The Ross family

    Amy Ross is not that friendly of a girl and a little to sensitive.
    Her sister Annie Ross is one of the most adorable babies I’ve ever seen!
    Maxwell Ross is NOT my friend. He is a bossy teenager.

    Harold family

    Rickie used to be my BFF but isn’t anymore. She was my neighbor but then she moved without telling me. I spent 4 years praying to see her and after seeing her at a store and having 2 sleepovers, we haven’t seen each other in over 2 years.
    She is now a snob.

    Ingle family

    Roslyn Ingle is now my BFF. She is very nice and if we do a church talent show, we plan on doing a duet.

    Church chums:

    Stephan is a nice, funny boy I don’t mind sitting next to when there’s no more chairs.
    Hannah is a nice girl and smart and always willing to participate in anything at church.
    Anna is a funny and nice girl who is allergic to apples.
    Audi is a tall, weird girl who I am “friends” with. Were always pointing at one another saying “You!” and “Her!”
    Brandon is a little quiet.
    Taylor is a rude little missy I don’t like and douse not obey the teacher. She is very girly.
    Anthony and Anjalie are brother and sister. Anjalie is has special needs. She also has a magnet in her head and is very nice. I saw her have a seizure once.  She likes making conversation but to her small vocabulary, she asks us them same question while she already knows what it is. I wrote her a letter but have not yet sent it.
    Mille is a tom boy sord of girl and “Nice” like everybody.
    6 …………………………….............................................................................................

    There are other kids but I can’t name them right now.*


    Grandpa and grandma are nice and funny and have three dogs. Which on got stolen so they had to get a new one.
    Great Grandma is kind and good and old and I am almost as tall as her.
    Abigail has matured but this is how I wrote her on Feb 11: Abigail is a rude little missy. Always trying to get my moms attention, broke my brothers trophy on porpoise, ripped my special bag on porpoise, etc. I hate it!!! She thinks she’s the best, etc.
    Hailey and Lily are my half Mexican cousins.
    I have more family but shan’t name them now. Oct 6*

    * Oct 10... I think I should tell you about my life, I mean my history. As I never have and you need to know me better. My mom and dad were both 20 when they married on August 1, 1989. I was born the following year on November 13, 1999. Three years later, on good Friday, March 29th, 2002, my brother Avery Lee was born. The same year, Avery Cook was born. We lived happily in a little house in a town for about seven years when Asa Dean was born in February 19, 2005. I remember mom telling us she was pregnant and how angry I was when she said it was a boy. We soon had to move. I used to watch a lamp post at night there because it was broken and would go from normal to orange to a dimmer color to dark and then back. Those were good memories. I also remembered my first loose tooth and not knowing ANYTHING about the tooth fairy of stuff like that and when I woke up the morning after it fell out, I saw a princess dress up chest! Also, we used to baby sit our cousins and Laura loved my ponies, especially Sparkle Works (now the ponies are ugly and babyish) Well, soon after Asa was born, daddy found a new job working at Comcast™ and we moved to momma’s childhood home on an icky, secluded lake. It was very pretty. From that point well lived here ever since and I am still living here. So there is not much more to tell you. When my great-grandpa died, I cried. I don’t know why I cried. I hardly had a relationship with him. I hope before he died he became a Christian.. Down the road there is a grave yard but that’s about it. I do not go to school. I am home schooled and I shan’t ever go to school. You, Daffy, go to school. I mean “Diary school” (and took a long break from it to!), a place were every diary is matched up with it’s own partner and the partner will teach, write, things about her life. It all comes to the point that next month I shall be 12 and 365 days after, 13.*

    Dear Daffy,

    Uh, how would you feel if I changed your name? Here’s what I was thinking:
    Anna. Well, Annalin actually, but Anna for short. Like it? It‘s your new name soo...

    Dear Annalin,

    ………………………………......................................................................................... 7

    [As I changed your name, I thought that I might miss Daffy but I really don‘t. Oct. 6] I guess I should tell you why I changed your name. Well the reason is, is that I was inspired by Anne Frank to write a diary so I thought I should call you Anna in honor of her. I’d very much like to meet Anne in Heaven.

    * * * *

    I re-read you and found my diary very amusing. [But a little immature as I now look back
    at what I wrote. Oct. 6] You are my best friend as Kitty was to Anne.

    * * * *

    My mom is making me my favorite food, backed potato!
       I found an old computer game that I played when I was young, KIDZ PIX! I wish OPARATION and CANDY LAND would work.

    * * * *

    I am at my last Guardians of Ga’hoole book. No! I’ll miss reading the series. But : D at least I still go you! Mom’s making me my favorite food, backed potato!


    * * * *


    Dear Anna,

    I am writing to you because at the moment I got a tube stuck in my finger!.. Now it’s out.
    So how do you like my life so far?



    Rosalyn and Renae and me made this up:

    Swimming with your pet shark
    Swimming with your great white shark
    What?! What was that? Oh No!
    Swimming with your pet shark
    Swimming with your great white shark
    I don't have an arm!

    Sunday, November 13, 2011

    No-point bloggin'

    I just want to write. Renae is probably poring over my diary bits that she so desperately wants to read. Google 3D chalk art images It's AMAZING!
    Last night was movie night at my church and nobody  told me!

    Saturday, November 12, 2011


    I got my B-day presents early! (Tomorrow is the day!)

    A REAL peacock feather quill pen with blue ink...
    Three Cool socks....
    Hair pins....
    My name is Anne she said '' book.....
    Two diaries....
    1 belt...
    A puppy brush...
    A zhu zhu pet...
    Mood bracelet..
    10 S gift card
    15 $ Amazon gift card
    Lip balm
    30 markers

    Friday, November 11, 2011

    B-day party to-day

    HAPPY B-day to me!

    Okay it's not my birthday till day after tomorrow but Rosalyn and Renae are coming over tonight!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVA!  Two days ago

    Thursday, November 10, 2011

    New look

    Okay, this look isn't so pretty but I like it! It took me forever!
    Douse anybody know how to make more pages?

    Jellyfish poems and write on and updates (Color Updates(tm)) and story part. 1


    From the dark they rise
    Thousands by thousands
    The jellyfish rise,
    Golden in the suns light.
    The jellyfish gracefully follow the sun
    In every which way it goes,
    Bright gold against the ocean blue
    Feeding the creatures of the golden sun
    They lay upon the golden bell of the jelly
    And illuminate it with golden color
    If it wasn’t for the creatures,
    The jellyfish would be dull and colorless,
    Invisible to the world.
    Every day must these jellies rise to the sun by the thousands
    To feed their friends
    And every sundown,
    The jellies will swim down into their dark, deep dome
    Were danger lurks everywhere
    And it is hot.
    Very hot.
    That is a day in the life of a GOLDEN JELLYFISH

    In dark places in the night,
    Thousands of moons are swimming
    To and fro
    Pushing and pulling
    Lifting up their skirts and dropping them down
    Rising high higher and highest.
    They are purple moons with a flower on its face
    And they are dim moons, bowing to the ivory moon
    As it pushes and pulls the tides.
    The purple moon glows a dim blue and
    Gently floats about.
    So pretty and graceful are these creatures,
    Children’s hands press against the glass
    In the dark aquarium
    Awed by the moons light.
    Yes, the MOON JELLYFISH is a wondrous sight, flowery and graceful,
    They were once my favorite creatures,
    They still hold a place in my heart.

    In kelp forests,
    Were the ocean in a green fog,
    A large golden jelly swims.
    His bell so big and so golden.
    The beauty is somewhat frightening.
    Below the bell,
    Thousands of lacey string flow,
    Brownish-red, long, and dark.
    This is the jellies fluffy and curly hair
    Wisping ‘round everywhere,
    His is as proud about his main
    As a king his crown.
    That is the ditty of the LIONS MAIN JELLYFISH.

    Everybody knows that
    Jellyfish sting.
    A sharp, painful sting.
    But there is a creature, a jelly,
    Woes sting is not like the others.
    The tiny baby of this jellyfishes sting
    Is so powerful and can kill you.
    All the sudden….
    It can be so invisible.
    It is white and long,
    Very long
    With eyes and four strings of sting.
    This is the BOX JELLYFISH (Or the SEA WASP)
    And no, it is not in the shape of a box and
    It douse not look like a wasp.


    Aunt Mary’s House



    I had been waiting for this day for what seemed to me like months, maybe because I had  been waiting for months. Not because it was my mom and dad’s anniversary, or because it was the start of new month, but because my brothers and I would be staying at our great-aunt Mary’s Lovely and cozy little house in a beautiful sunny place by a gleaming pond. The pond was probably the best thing there to my brothers but I don’t quite think that. As I twisted the golden knob of our half-purple and half-pale-yellow-white door, and stepped on the scratchy and dirty wool carpet. I looked up to see God staring at me. He was bright and pale white-gold with fiery edges and had a gleaming, bright and glorious face. His wondrous beauty made my squint my eyes and shade my face. I reached out my hand and felt the warm rays of God’s sun.


    The first day of August was hot and beautiful, just like all other summer days. The tree that shaded my room was a very bright green today with the sun’s rays, “God’s lights”, peering through the cracks of branches and leaves. I looked at the big kitchen window and saw something staring at me. I walked over and smiled. I waved and said good bye to the orange cat with olive eyes that had been watching my every move, or, perhaps the birds. Charlie turned around and left.


    We lived on a lake, a very black, muddy, mucky and weedy lake were hardly a mosquito touched us due to frogs. Thank you frogs! Although I described this lake as black, mucky lake, as long as hardly a green table-top weed is on the lake, it can still be beautiful. The lily-pads shined from the sun and constantly moving sparkles shone. I would stare at those silver glitters for a long time.


    Before I get on with the story, you should know my life from the beginning.  My mom and dad were both 20 when they married on August 1, 1989. I was born the following year on November 13, 1999. Mom 21 and dad 22. Three years later, on good Friday, March 29th, 2002, my brother Avery Lee was born. The same year, my cousin Heidi was born. We lived happily in a little house in a town for about seven years when Asa Dean was born in February 19, 2005. I remember mom telling us she was pregnant and how angry I was when she said it was a boy. We soon had to move. I used to watch a lamp post at night
    there because it was broken and would go from normal to orange to a dimmer color to
    dark and then back. Those were good memories. I also remembered my first loose tooth and not knowing ANYTHING about the tooth fairy of stuff like that and when I woke up the morning after it fell out, I saw a princess dress up chest! I was very surprised. Also, we used to baby sit our cousins and Sarah loved my ponies, especially Sparkleworks™ (now the ponies are ugly and babyish). Well, soon after Asa was born, daddy found a new job working at Comcast™ and we moved to momma’s childhood home on an icky, secluded lake. It was very pretty. From that point well lived here ever since and I am still living here. So there is not much more to tell you. Down the road there is a grave yard but that’s about it. I do not go to school. I am home schooled and I shan’t ever go to school. When great-grandpa died I cried and I don’t know why. He was very stern and I hardly was close to him. Did I cry because maybe he had paid no heed to my letter about Jesus and was in hell? It is strange. The same sort of thing happened to Avery with our dog. He cries when she hurt herself and could die and I don’t weeks later, she douse die and I cry but Avery doesn’t. It all comes to the point that next month I shall be 12 and 365 days after, 13.


    I pulled on the black handle to open our van door. The handle was warm from the sun. I lifted a foot that was inserted into a flashy pink and sliver flip-flop, and I stepped inside our almost all-gray-with-hints-of-turquoise van. That’s a funny way to describe a van but I want to give you a description anyway. My brothers then came running out the door and into the van, noisy and loud and playfully hitting each other and laughing. Six-year-old Asa was a dirty ragamuffin “Elf” and Avery more.. Um… “Dorky.” Out of a little red and blue flower patch purse I brought along with me, I pulled out a large, cushiony-soft, rectangle with a zipper. It was of a deep pink and soft-silver stripes. I pulled away the dark zipper and took out a hard, smoky-gray rectangle from it’s pale pink protective cushions (the inner part of the pink case). It had a white screen with a black and white picture of a person writing with a quill that looked like ink. Actually, the whole screen looked like a piece of paper from a book. This flat gray rectangle was also bedecked with buttons. I slid the tiny “On/off” button. A green light inside the slide flashed on for a second and then flashed off. The screen flashed black and then flashed black with words on the screen. I pressed the navigator down and then pressed the middle button and began to read the colorless “Book.” I read in anticipation. I thought that by reading, it would take my mind of things and make the 1hr trip seem shorter. It didn’t.


    Anne Frank

    Write on write on
    Mrs. Anne Frank
    For your words
    Will change the world
    Know that Jesus is your savior
    And do not fret when you are alone
    Liberation is coming,
    Your daddy waiting.

    Helené Berr

    Write on Mrs. Berr
    You are to be married soon
    But fate has decreed something different
    Horror! Horror! Horror!
    You are all alone
    Mrs. Berr
    Another girl beside you
    The history of this girl is
    A little like yours,
    She wrote a diary to.
    Write on Mrs. Berr
    France is waiting
    And He is waiting.


    Yesterday, I got a zhu zhu pet. It is very good and was on sale. The pet was only $3.00 and so was the playsets. That is very cheap for a zhu zhu pet!
    Tomorrow, Renae and Rosalyn and I are having a sleep over party! My birthday is in 3 days! I will be 12!!! (I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE a card! (I collect 'em! My "Hobby" (Not exactily, but its what I collect!)))
    The boys keep playing their Monster Hunter game. It's annoying!
    Mrs. Steele, I LOVE the writing club but it is so.. so.. I don't know... embarrassing? I get to choked up to talk and I BLUSH! BLUSH! Augggggg!!!!!!
    Charlie has now idea what my zhu zhu pet is! I would expect him to chase "Jinx."
    Ouuuuuuuuhhhhh! I just    L O V E  "blogger'n" 


    I whatched "Edward scissorhands" and it was a really good and sad movie!


    Today it snowed! (Hardly!)

    Soft, soft
    the little balls fall
     little white voices call
    "Come here! Come here! Look at me!
    Little children,
    Come and play with me!"
    Little do the children see,
    the snows beauty,
    each a little different,
    six-pointed stars, glass flowers,
    these are the winter's wonders.

    Tuesday, November 8, 2011



    I HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Checkout my profile!

    Photo paint

    I have been dabbling in the "Computer arts" and using a cheap paint computer game, I turned photos into works of art!

    Corban Steele from the red heads

    Anne Frank, my first (It was supposed to be a photo coloring test but whatever.

    Editing a photo of a naked baby Asa into a pretty princess

    This is very fun. I might just try doing black and white photos!
    Doing this takes forever. A short cut is to select the color pick and go over a selected color and you will be able to paint in that color!

    (If you want a certain photo done this way, give me a link.)