Sunday, October 30, 2011

Frankenstein: A review


Frankenstein was a really good book. If gets five stars. It is also a very sad book.
Frankenstein is the story about a man (Frankenstein) who has a dream about creating life.
I read that the author, Mary Shelly, got the idea of her book in a very vivid dream. The monster
is NOT green but is ugly but can talk, as mom says, very eliquantly. It is a good book you should read.
Now I am going to read Dracula!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Color and Black and white: Tacoma Narrows Bridge... creepy

Angry Birds

Sing in Angry Bird tune

We are birds, we're an app, and were very very angry
'cuse the pigs keep stealin' our eggs
and we must plot our revenge,
shootin' us from sling shots
almost there, almost there!
Yes, we hit the king pig!
sent a crashin', all the blocks
thouse pigs a'nt so smart
with your help we will beat the pigs,
drag your finger across the tab
send us flyin' send us flyin'
red is very angry, Yellow will zoom
and knock the pigs into a mash,
black will explode and white will lay a egg-bomb,
blue will separate into three little birds.
Yes were angry, yes were angry,
because thye pigs keep stealin' our eggs.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
were an app, were an app
and weve got so popular
buy stickers, buy stuffies, flip flops, halloween costumes,
let your dog chew on pig dog toys and buy our tee shirts,
posters, calenders, board games, theres no telling what will come next.
Maybe a movie, yes a movie,
our app is so poplar!

Angry Birds The Best ImageAngry Birds Super Coolness TeeAngry Birds Heart Birdage ShirtAngry Birds Red Face ShirtAngry Birds Bomber Face Boys ShirtAngry Birds Pig Face ShirtAngry Birds Like Me Shirt
Green Pig Plush Toy

Babies' Yellow Bird Costume.

Angry birds has become VERY popular.. for an app!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Avery Plank is a fun-loving yet to much to reality boy.
He owns two hermit crabs and has a little bro and big sis who owns a blog.

Enter now!!!!!!!!!


__________________________    _________________________________
 Name                                             Email
_________________________________________________________    ___________________
Address                                                                                                           Blog

If you win, do you want your blogger bio on the page with your story?    Yes____  No_____

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I never relised how fun blogging is!

blogging is so fun and I viewed past posts (As well as deleting posts) and thought them funny. Wow. I wrote that. I wrote a post in rainbow once and I think I shall again.

A Few weeks ago, I went on a field trip with my church class to Potato Creek state park. We waded in the water and pan and played on the beach were I saw a monarch basking in the sun. It was so fun, beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing. Next year we might go to Ceder Point! 
About 2 months ago, Pearl could have been pregnant but she didn't have any babies.
A month ago, my baby cousin Jacquline came over for a visit. She was sooo cute!
I have been attending a writers club at the library all thanks to Mrs. Steele! 
Charlie has been getting fleas.
I just got a really cool flashy pen.
I took a really good pic of Charlie and will post it soon.
I am running out of things to write just to write
I hope TWO OF MY FAVORITE FOLLOWERS will enter the contest. I will also ask a few friends 
Aunt Mary... I will defenantly ask her
Well, if NOBODY ENTERS I will be upset. I really want people to try it. It will be fun and exiting and stuff. You will get a review about your writing and..... I don't know. JUST ENTER PLEASE! I will ask some people so there will be more compatition 

NEW CONTEST OPENED: The photo above: a writing contest

The photo that is the "Cover" of the blog, is of a handsome prince named Edward. :)
You must write a short story about this Edward and send it to me in the mail.
the winning entry will be posted on this blog with a review and, if wanted, your blogger bio. You will also receive a "CONGRATULATIONS ON WINNING.." Certificate with a copy of your story. Runner ups will be mentioned and will also get a certificate and there story will be typed out on my word processor for safe keeping. The runner-up will also receive a review on their story.
If you are entering, please comment. THANK YOU!


In the background corner, the queen and the king, pup by Edward, the princess _______


1. Must have a story no longer then 1,000 words (If wanting to make story longer, please comment. You are aloud to make story shorter. You can go 100 words of limit.)
2. E-mail or send the story to me with name, E-mail, and address
3. After I have read them, you will receive an E-mail. You will get prizes in mail.

I need at least to people entering. I will post when at least two people have entered. You may then start your story. This contest will be fun. I would enter it if I were you. :D :) :) :D

Need E-mail? Comment me.

The Claw

Note on THE CLAW:
My brother Avery always used to do this to my little brother Asa. Avery would sit atop his bunk bed and dangle his hang in a claw-shape and swing it bake and forth. It is very creepy. Asa was scared.

In a dark spooky place
Known as Asa's bed,
lurks a creature so terrifying
that even in daylight the thing scares Asa.
This, though, is a creature that comes out only
at night. Dark, evil night.
The thing will slid down in front of Asa's eyes
and swing back and forth.
I can hear his screams,
the claw has got him!
Yells our mother.
Our fun is over.

If Anne had a diary in the camps part 1

AUGUST 4, 1944

Oh Kitty! Something dreadful has happened! We have been betrayed! Oh Kitty! I am so scared! I can’t being you with me. Dear Kitty, I hope somebody, Miep, will find you and keep you safe for me in case I return. Dear Kitty, I must go now. The S.S. is rounding us up. Good bye Kitty, good bye my love. You have been a great source of comfort and support, a good friend, to me all this time. I thank you for..

I wont Waste a page. As a am here in the horrible camp of Auschwitz, I gathered some paper and got a pencil from somebody and made this small diary. After a month or more, I am again writing in my dear, sweet, Kitty.

Dear Kitty,

So rare is the chance to have a “diary” in this death camp. You are my only friend, besides Margot, here in Auschwitz. I love you even more now that I am here. When I write, I forget about all the misery of the camp, about death just waiting to grab me, Kitty, oh, I missed you so much! We women have been separated from the men! Oh I need daddy and Peter! If you remember the quarrels me and mummy had, forget them. They are no longer. We need each other more then ever. I need my mummy! I need mummy so so much, she and Margot are the only family I got right now and I can’t afford to lose them, I cant’. Lili van Towhan# a friend I met here, had a pencil and scrap papers that she gave to me. I thank her a thousand times. She has just done me a great kindness.
Yours, Anne P.S. I don’t dare leave ANY room in my “diary” that wont be used. No more paragraphs. Each line will be full.

Charlie: A sneak peek


Prologue: Pepper
The surprise kitten
“Can I keep him?”
The vet
The beach
The answer
The promise
Passing days
 My diary
A game of Uno
Days before Valentine’s day
Continuing to search
A tiny shelter
In the car
Days with Charlie
 Meet the dogs
Happy Charlie days
Bye to all the pups
Charlie’s trip to the vet
 Un-playful days
Charlie, the sneaky little devil
The cat that makes us laugh
Charlie, meet Pepper
 “You smother to much!”
Vance is soooo not my boyfriend!
Extras: Photos
Charlie in my diary
A poem for Charlie
Do we read more books?: A Dewey review
Good books about animals
Facts about cats
Cats of the world
More books by Ruby Plank
Free sneak peek of AUNT MARY’S HOUSE
Cats vs. dogs, true stories ‘This or that then add them up’ quiz
FREE Pull out poster and 12-month 2012 calendar!


Pepper, the beginning

Before we had the cat I am going to talk about in the prologue, we had a gray cat named Harley for about a month. I hardly remember him. He was tiger-gray and an outdoor cat. We had to get rid of him after he attacked our neighbor.

“Hey look! It’s a cat!” I pointed to a white and pepper-spotted cat. “Oh yea!” mama said. Mama and my brothers and I had been walking down the rough gravel road to our shinny black mail box when we saw the olive-eyed cat. “She is very pretty,” I thought. “I wonder were she comes from.” I reached out to pet her silky-soft coat when she ran away from me and the others. I could tell she was shy and scared of us. As we walked home, we kept glancing back over our shoulders to see if the cat was still following us because since we left her, she had been following us. I was a little girl who had no pets but a silly, big old dog. I wanted a little kitty very badly. I loved little kitties and thought them very cute so when I saw this kitty, who, wasn’t a kitty anymore, I wanted her. But, unfortunately, she was somebody else’s. Kitty kept following us all the was home and would not leave. Just as we got home, daddy was coming home from work for lunch. “Daddy, look! Look! A cat! Can we keep it?” I asked excitedly. Daddy said it was a stray and said we could keep it. I was very happy. Of course, as she did not like us to pet her and mommy did not want her inside, and she loved the outdoors, she would be an outdoor kitty. Her name became Pepper because of her pepper-colored spots. “Now all me need is Mr. Salt!” I joked. Although Pepper did not like us to much, she stayed because we fed her, loved her, and took care of her.
    In the winter, Pepper would sleep in our dog’s shed with our dog. Silly, a cat and a dog sleeping together! They would cuddle together and they were good friends.
   Once, a stray boy cat we called “Scar” because of a scar on it’s head scratched Pepper hard. Scar looked like Pepper a lot and would come to our house. But this kitty was mean so mama had to scare it away and sometimes hit it with a plastic pale yellow baseball bat. Sometimes, in the night I would see one of my neighbor’s cats. Scar couldn’t have been one of them.
     Our dog soon died of old age and Pepper was very sad. We got a new dog that Pepper hated very much. She eventually ran away. Months past and there was no pepper. I was heartbroken. But, one day, daddy found her amongst autumn leaves and took her in. I was so happy. She was now to be our indoor cat.
   We soon gained Pepper’s trust. She was always inside. One day I decided to let her go outside. Big mistake! Within a number of days of letting her go outside, Pepper became loyal to our cat-lover neighbor lady. I was very upset. When I almost got her inside, our neighbor would come home and Pepper would charge words her with love. Pepper was lost to me.
One day, daddy asked me if I wanted to go to the vet to pick up some medicine for our new doggies. No, they weren’t sick! You silly! They just needed medicine to kill all the fleas that make them itch so. Well any who, I said yes. But something terrible happened! The vet was not opened yet! What did you do? you might be thinking, I know. Well we went to grandpa and grandma’s house of coarse! Well, as daddy and grandpa talked about grown-up boy things  (cars), I heard little footsteps and the crackling of grass behind me. I turned around……  Drop you jaws kiddies for what I’m about to tell you, go  “Ohhh!!!!!”

Sorry! I must leave you in suspense for My life from the beginning!

I think I should tell you about my life, I mean my history. I never really have told anybody my history and I think you need to know me better. My mom and dad were both 20 when they married on August 1, 1989. I was born the following year on November 13, 1999. Three years later, on good Friday, March 29th, 2002, my brother Avery Lee was born. The same year, Avery Brooke was born. We lived happily in a little house in a town for about seven years when Asa Dean was born in February 19, 2005. I remember mom telling us she was pregnant and how angry I was when she said it was a boy. We soon had to move. I used to watch a lamp post at night there because it was broken and would go from normal to orange to a dimmer color to dark and then back. Those were good memories. I also remembered my first loose tooth and not knowing ANYTHING about the tooth fairy of stuff like that and when I woke up the morning after it fell out, I saw a princess dress up chest! I was very surprised. Also, we used to baby sit our cousins and Sarah loved my ponies, especially Sparkleworks™ (now the ponies are ugly and babyish). Well, soon after Asa was born, daddy found a new job working at Comcast™ and we moved to momma’s childhood home on an icky, secluded lake. It was very pretty. From that point well lived here ever since and I am still living here. So there is not much more to tell you. Down the road there is a grave yard but that’s about it. I do not go to school. I am home schooled and I shan’t ever go to school. It all comes to the point that next month I shall be 12 and 365 days after, 13.

The surprise kitten

There it was. A slim, shiny, little kitten, maybe about half a year old, or maybe a year old (They are still small kittens when they are that old!). The cat was nibbling on a piece of fine green grass, quite enjoying himself. I was very surprised at seeing the kitten. Grandpa had only one cat, and old black male named Buster. Maybe, I thought, Maybe grandpa got another cat? It was a possibility, then, why didn’t they tell us? “Dad, look.” I said pointing to the cat and then kneeling down to pet it. It was very smooth and soft. “It is a stray.” Grandpa said. “Someone just dropped it here.” I spent my time there with the cat. Grandpa said I could keep it if I wanted it. And of coarse I did. I begged dad until he gave me the phone to call mom. I could hardly tell her a bout the cat without her wanting to talked to dad.

The spiders and the flies


    Years after the Spider and the Fly was written, it was translated into fly language by the beetle. When flies walked into the book store and saw the books (which was bark and leaf tied together with grass), they eyed them suspiciously, and then, with hairy hands, would pick up the book with interest. The flies then translated it into spider with the note:

Dear Spider,

We flies and flying bugs have read this horrible and sad
book. We have learned from it and are now wiser. We
will no longer fall for your dirty tricks! We know you 
have no pretty parlor and we do so morn for the fly that 
was killed in that death-trap you call a home! We know
that  you will laugh and enjoy this book because that’s
how you spiders are. 

With hate,
The flies and other bugs

The flies were wiser yet they were stupid to think that spiders shouldn’t eat. Since then, only a sum of three flies a year have been trapped and killed by the spiders. The flies translated the book into several other bug languages, Ladybug, Butterfly, Bumble Bee, Wasp, Cricket, Moth, etc. They did it to save the bugs. The flies were right about the spiders loving the book. The spiders loved it very much. They laughed at the flies and their note. How could they not fall for their tricks? Well, soon after, the spiders grew hungry…

   One day, there was a plump, juicy, big fly that spiders craved. His name was Laurence but folks called him Mr. Stupid because he was so dumb, he could not read or talk right. That, however, was good news to the spiders, One day, Mr. S. flew by a glistening, dew-drop web where a momma and her baby spiders sat. They were very hungry. Mr. S. could see that.  He felt very sorry for them. Slapping his hands, he stole away and began to “Preach.”
 “ Spidoos need to eat to! Wike wus! Wha ef wee were spidoos? We’d hav to eat! Wood wu wike if ef wu were da starving’ bug?!..” Mr. Smart’s words changed the buggy history. All the book were thrown into the fire and new ones made. “Mr. Smart’s Speeches.” Soon, the spiders were no longer hungry and none of them dared to eat  Mr. Smart, their rescuer. But, sadly, he was soon “Whacked” and the spiders mourned more then all the flies put together.
Some excerpts from my diary
Little bits and pieces from my diary.


This is my real diary that has been edited. Some things have been added so some parts are in later dates have been added to the earlier ones to understand things better. Some names of the people involved have been changed but some names remain the same.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

   I have never written in a diary before and I hope I can find it fun enough to continue.
    I was originally writing this on single pages instead of a real diary or notebook. After writing on one page, I got the idea of using my big, old (Not that old), flower “Diary” and now I have to copy some things down.

* * * *

Oh! And this “Diary” looks better don’t you think? The flowers and the green… Lovely! I’m glad I’m re-writing my first page in a real notebook that I thought would have been useless until now. Going through my original first page I can see many mess-ups!

* * * *

     It is only, let me see…………………. 4 days (of coarse as it is the tenth!) till Valentine’s day! I know what’s coming. We (me and my brothers Avery, age 8 soon to be 9, and Asa, on the 19th he will be 6, wow!) will get a bag of candy, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll get my kitten I’ve been waiting so long for since that day… I’ll tell you about that later. Mom will probably say no but you never know. I learned that it’s bad to get your hopes up to high because if there is something you so desperately want and think you’re going to get and you answer is no, well…. You might burst into tears. I shall tell you that story later though. 

* * * *
    I had to stop to read my un-interesting book. I found one of my stories, a story about an owl and a kitten, had a large bite in it! I know who did it. Pearl! Our German Shepherd dog. 
    If this ever becomes a famous diary (I doubt it will), like Anne Frank’s, I wonder if the company who made my diary will be prideful. But that’s silly! 
    I’d like to call you something like Anne Frank called her diary Kitty. Humm… how about Daisy? I’ll try it:

                                        Dear Daisy

I don’t know… Daffy? Dandy?

                                       Dear Daffy

Yes! That’s it! Daffy!

* * * *

    The boys are in my room as I write right now. They are annoying my very much! Asa’s talking nonsense and Avery is trying to correct me saying “You don’t spell Asa’s with a A-S-A-S!” (That's how I wrote it in my manuscript!)

I am going to tell you how I want my kitten to act and be:

Color: Tan or gray tiger. [It is tan tiger-ish 28 Sept]
Eyes: Blue                       [Nope. They are olive green 28 Sept.]
Size: Small, very
Age: Under three months
Gender: Male                      [(Yep!)]
I want him to be loving in loyal. Sweet and funny and very playful [(well… he is to playful!)]. I want him to play with my hair and lick my toes and chin and follow me every were I go and be like Layone, my cousin’s cat. I want a main coon. [nope! 28 Sept.] I want it to sleep and snuggle with me.

* * * *

   When I said “I have never written in a diary before and hope I can finish,” I meant whenever I start a diary, I quit after one or two entries. So far, it’s been fun and I’m inspired by Anne Frank in diary-writing [I know so much about her! I have a lot of books about her! 28 Sept.] 

* * * *

I had a lock diary that I hated and through away. It was hot pink, puffy, and sparkly with a puffed up heart and a kitten inside with a jewel collar. I like you better, [though I’m never writing in this diary again (I have a few others) 29 Sept.] your simply fancy and you have more pages. 
I LOVE FAIRY TALES, DON’T YOU? [I just wrote that randomly out of nothing to write 29 Sept.]

      Oh Daff! This is so fun! Writing in you is so fun! 
 Here is a quote from Anne’s diary:

“I want to live on, even after my death.”  

Anne Frank has lived on, in the hearts and minds of millions. She never thought anyone would be interested in “The babblings of a thirteen-year-old school girl….” but she was wrong. There are many things named after her and some statues at different Anne Frank places. [ Feb 18. I’d like to go to her hiding place as it is a museum now in Amsterdam]

Here is a quote I WROTE! Me! and hopefully it will be a quote everyone will love [and as I’m trying to get this published into an E-book, I hope everybody will highlight it 29 Sept.] 

A diary is like a newspaper full of real life stories. [I don’t know were I got the idea of this from. Something like ‘Life is a newspaper..” or what ever. 29 Sept.]

* * * *

   I’ve read Milly-Molly-Mandy like, twice and I’m going to read it a third time! I’m said to be a good drawler….(On another page I wrote: I don't mean brag, but, my owls are WAY better then Audubon's!)
   Do you know what Avery calls me? Bray O’Brian! The last name of the owner of Wesley the owl!

Same day at night,

Dear Daffy,

   I’ll tell you a story. The story of how I learned to not get your hopes up to high.

   It isn’t a very complete story but I’m in a hurry. My dad just got home. In two days we are going to have a sleep over at my cousins house. 


P.S. Dad is trying to look in my diary!

* * * *

   I have to stop reading to tell you this:

“Change you’re shirt!”
“Change you’re underwear!”

Annoying traits of moms. 

P.S. I’ve started wearing undershirts. 

Yours, unless I find something else to write,

February 11, 2011

Dear Daffy,

I don’t know how to start. It is morning. My hair is itchy and tomorrow we are having the sleep over. I can’t bring you along though but I promise to tell you everything when we get back. I wish you had a lock. Then I’d take the key with me on the sleep over.
   3 days till valentine’s day. I can’t wait for my answer to getting a kitten. The boys are outside playing in the snow. I wonder were my cat that is not my cat anymore is.
   [Let me tell you about my friends, family, and church chums.


The Cook# family

Avery Cook is my brothers BFF. He’s lucky to have a BFF! What a coincidence they have the same name! Avery C. Loves video games, star wars, and Mario. He is silly and chubby and a whinier. 
Laurence Cook is my so-called “Boy friend” but I’m not interested in him. He is not very mature. I don’t like him to much. I have other mean things to say about him but I wont. 
March Cooke is a little pest and so is her little sister Elli Cooke.

The Ross family

Amy Ross is not that friendly of a girl and a little to sensitive.
Her sister Annie Ross is one of the most adorable babies I’ve ever seen! 
Maxwell Ross is NOT my friend. He is a bossy teenager.

Harold family

Rickie used to be my BFF but isn’t anymore. She was my neighbor but then she moved without telling me. I spent 4 years praying to see her and after seeing her at a store and having 2 sleepovers, we haven’t seen each other in over 2 years. 
She is now a snob.

Ingle family

Roslyn Ingle is now my BFF. She is very nice and if we do a church talent show, we plan on doing a duet. 

Church chums:

Stephan is a nice, funny boy I don’t mind sitting next to when there’s no more chairs.
Hannah is a nice girl and smart and always willing to participate in anything at church.
Anna is a funny and nice girl who is allergic to apples.
Audi is a tall, weird girl who I am “friends” with. Were always pointing at one another saying “You!” and “Her!”
Brandon is a little quiet.
Taylor is a rude little missy I don’t like and douse not obey the teacher. She is very girly.
Anthony and Anjalie are brother and sister. Anjalie is has special needs. She also has a magnet in her head and is very nice. I saw her have a seizure once.  She likes making conversation but to her small vocabulary, she asks us them same question while she already knows what it is. I wrote her a letter but have not yet sent it. 
Mille is a tom boy sord of girl and “Nice” like everybody.

There are other kids but I can’t name them right now.


Grandpa and grandma are nice and funny and have three dogs. Which on got stolen so they had to get a new one.
Great Grandma is kind and good and old and I am almost as tall as her.
Abigail has matured but this is how I wrote her on Feb 11: Abigail is a rude little missy. Always trying to get my moms attention, broke my brothers trophy on porpoise, ripped my special bag on porpoise, etc. I hate it!!! She thinks she’s the best, etc. 
Hailey and Lily are my half Mexican cousins. 
I have more family but shant name them now. Oct 6]

 * * * *

Avery is with me in my room.

* * * *
[ Oct 10... I think I should tell you about my life, I mean my history. As I never have and you need to know me better. My mom and dad were both 20 when they married on August 1, 1989. I was born the following year on November 13, 1999. Three years later, on good Friday, March 29th, 2002, my brother Avery Lee was born. The same year, Avery Cook was born. We lived happily in a little house in a town for about seven years when Asa Dean was born in February 19, 2005. I remember mom telling us she was pregnant and how angry I was when she said it was a boy. We soon had to move. I used to watch a lamp post at night there because it was broken and would go from normal to orange to a dimmer color to dark and then back. Those were good memories. I also remembered my first loose tooth and not knowing ANYTHING about the tooth fairy of stuff like that and when I woke up the morning after it fell out, I saw a princess dress up chest! Also, we used to baby sit our cousins and Laura loved my ponies, especially Sparkle Works (now the ponies are ugly and babyish) Well, soon after Asa was born, daddy found a new job working at Comcast™ and we moved to momma’s childhood home on an icky, secluded lake. It was very pretty. From that point well lived here ever since and I am still living here. So there is not much more to tell you. Down the road there is a grave yard but that’s about it. I do not go to school. I am home schooled and I shant ever go to school. You, Daffy, go to school. I mean “Diary school” (and took a long break from it to!), a place were every diary is matched up with it’s own partner and the partner will teach, write, things about her life. It all comes to the point that next month I shall be 12 and 365 days after, 13.] 

Same date, 

Dear Daffy,
Uh, how would you feel if I changed your name? Here’s what I was thinking:
Anna#. Well, Annalin actually, but Anna for short. Like it? It‘s your new name soo... 

Dear Annalin,

[As I changed your name, I thought that I might miss Daffy but I really don‘t. Oct. 6] I guess I should tell you why I changed your name. Well the reason is, is that I was inspired by Anne Frank to write a diary so I thought I should call you Anna in honor of her. I’d very much like to meet Anne in Heaven. 

* * * * 

I re-read you and found my diary very amusing. [But a little immature as I now look back at what I wrote. Oct. 6] You are my best friend as Kitty was to Anne.

* * * *

My mom is making me my favorite food, backed potato!
   I found an old computer game that I played when I was young, KIDZ PIX! I wish OPARATION and CANDY LAND would work. 

Aunt Mary's house version 1

(My edited version 2 will be available soon!) (Mrs. Steele, I read this at the W.Club!)

Aunt Mary’s House                                    
                                                   By Ruby Plank
                                                     March 2011

It was August first. Me and my brothers Avery and Asa were going to our Aunt Mary’s house.
    We would sit in the car anxious to get to Aunt Mary’s house. After we were dropped off, we would take our bags into our rooms upstairs.
  Every time I stay the night there I feel happy and calm.
  The room I stay in is simple yet beautiful. You can sit on the table thing that was under the window and look out at the garden. My bed made a creaking sound when I moved. It was covered with a black and white-swirl comforter. I have a blue chair and mat in the corner and a little vanity. Sometimes  I want to be alone from my cousins who live next door and can be annoying. I sit on the bed or the table under the window and read or write in the warm sunlight. The boys’ room is brighter because there is more sunlight shining through there window then in mine but I liked mine better. Everywhere under their bed there are dead bugs. My bed doesn’t. I have a wood floor and the boys have a green-blue carpet and a plain white quilt with a vanity. There room is very plain.
  I love Aunt Mary. I just feel so quite and happy over there. It is so peaceful.
    There is a tree-house hidden among a group of pine trees that make the tree house kind of secret. It is small and very splintery and I would never go up there because of that. We would take walks along the path that had pine trees on either side of it. It was very beautiful.

It is a wonderful feeling to be at Aunt Mary’s house. To play with your cousins in the backyard by the pond or on the playground is far better then going to an amusement park.
   I would walk in the vegetable garden and help pick the tomatoes from the vines. I’d walk along the hot cobble-stone path through the garden containing the most beautiful and sweet-smelling flowers. I would stick my face in a giant lily and get pollen on my nose.
   There is only one bad thing about going to Aunt Mary’s house, the mosquitoes! Those little pasts make me want to stay inside!
   We would go swimming in the fish-shaped pond. Diving, playing, and splashing in the cool water was fun and reliving because the day would be very hot. Deeper in the water though you want to be careful because the fish will just dart around and bit you! The beach was of little hot stones and it was a pleasure to dig your toes in the warm pebbles.
Aunt Mary would sit in a chair in the water and we would jump and dance on a raft in the water and try not to fall off.

Aunt Mary and me would strap on aprons and bake blueberry muffins. I would spill the blueberries into the bowl. Avery would star hungrily at the batter. He loves blueberry muffins so much. After they cooled, we would eat the warm, gooey muffins. Avery would always take home a bag of them!
   Aunt Mary has a little corner in the living room that is tile instead of carpet. That is the kid’s place. There is a little box of toys and in it our three stuffed gingerbread men. They are very cute and old-fashioned looking and I love them so. I hope non of my cosines ruin or lose them.
   There is also a basement that is not really a basement. It is a basement that you can walk into from outside and walk outside from. It is the room with all the exercise equipment. It also has a bookshelf with those old Mucguffy Reader books. It’s cool.

At night, we would wash ourselves clean in the bathroom upstairs. We would say our prayers together then I would leave the boys and go into my room.  I would switch on the lamp so that I could read or write. I would look out the window as a cool breeze whooshed into the room. I smiled and got under the covers and prayed.

In the morning Aunt Mary would bake us little pancakes into any shape we want. I would have a dolphin, Avery a foot ball, and Asa a dinosaur.
   In the afternoon, Uncle Shawn would come over for lunch and he would let us go inside his UPS truck and we would examine all the packages wondering what was inside.
  I wished I could stay forever but after a while we had to pack our things and go home. I can still feel the warm love of Aunt Mary.

                                                     THE END

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The monarch's life part 1

                                     The Monarch’s Life Part 1.
     Now that all the eggs were laid, each egg on a different leaf, the old female butterfly fell down apon the soft grass dead. She lived a long life (at least to most insects as some who live for a year in their eggs, only live for one night after hatching), her year of life had been full of adventre and danger as she migrated to mexico almost as fall began to come. Now it was summer and and her job is complete. She is now fluttering about in Heaven, drinking the sweetest nectar from the prettiest flowers, and dancing about with all the other butterfly folk. Her caterpillars would make the next genartation of monarch butterflys----- If they survived. This is the story of the life of one of thouse eggs she laid, the life of Stripe.
         Look on the bottom of a milkweed leaf, do you see that tiny, yellowish-white dot? That’s a caterpillar egg, a monarch caterpillar egg, and not just any caterpillar egg, Stripe’s egg.
    So, in August, in a yellow field in Indiana, an egg wiggled and craked open. Out imerged a tiny-little caterpillar, or, as some call it, a larva. The caterpillar was green with a black head and in the front spikes for legs that would grab hold to things, and in the back were round lumps for feet. This is Stripe Plexippus. I don’t know about the other 399 of his brothers and sisters, but Stripe was by far the best of them all. He was about twenty-fith of an inch long so a nickle was a giant compared to him! But, he would get bigger and bigger and soon bigger then a nickle, then he would be the giant! As soon as Stripe was hatched, he began to eat the egg shell from which he hatched. After an hour or two, he walked up to a place near the steam, making no sound at all but I’d be lieing if I said that even the most accurate and best-at-hearing animal could not hear him because I know a barn owl, who can her a mouse’s heart beat in three feet of snow and a spider walk across the wall, could probably hear Stripe’s foot steps. With his sissor-like teeth, he began to cut a hole out of the leaf to eat.
     There is a posinous and sticky, milk-like (hence the name milk-weed) sap in the monarch caterpillar’s and a few other bugs host plant that when a caterpillar eats it, it will protect themselves when they are butterflys from birds and other things, they’re wing colors are a warning sign to animals that this butterfly has eaten milkweed which is very bad-tasting to them. But some birds and mice care amune to this stuff and will eat the butterflies! The “milk” can also kill newly hatched caterpillars by getting them stuck in a flood of “milk.”
       Stripe kept chewing and chewing the leaf, and the hole kept getting bigger and bigger that soon he needed to head to another leaf.
   More then half of his brothers and sisters didn’t make it. They were ethir drowned in the milk stuff or eaten by assasin bugs and other milk-weed bugs, or just never made it out of they’re egg.
       “Dianaidae” is a group of butterflys called “Milk-weed butterflies.” The monarch is called “Danaus Plexippus.” Stripe’s last name is Plexippus.
      Stripe continued to eat the milkweed till after three days, he was bigger and his skin about to burst. He was going to molt. His skin is tough and water-proof, it is called cuticle. Like all invertebrates, Stripe has no spine, no skull, not a bone in his soft body. He went to shelter under a leaf and pushed against is old skin, so his new one would show. It split open along his back, he continued to push and push. He stoped every-now-and-then to rest. The prosess took three hours but he had a new skin that had faint yellow, white, and black stripes. After shedding that cumpely old skin, Stripe began to eat the skin. His skin was full of protines that he would need as he growed. Every three or four days Stripe would molt. His skin was more beautiful every time. Soon he was a big, plump, striped caterpillar. Soon Stripe ate a wole milkweed plant so he had to move to another one. He and other milk-weed eating incests, bite the leaf’s vains before eating because the sap stuff which is called latex, as I said contains poisen, so by cutting the vains the latex doesn’t flow and they can eat the milk-weed without taking in lots of the latex.
     Stripe was climbing to another leaf when he saw a sad sight, a fellow catterpillar was being eaten by an big assasin bug. Stripe just moved on and pretended not to notice.
     Now he was full grown. A caterpillar will molt four times before becoming a chrysalis or pupa. In just two weeks Stripe was two inches and though he weighed as much as a penney, he weighed 2,500 times more then when he first hatched.
    Suddenly, something picked the leaf he was on and put him into some weird cage thing. It was a bug hut. A human put him there. A safe place for his 5th and final molt. He bagan to feel a strange feeling that made him know it was time.
     He went to the roof of the hut and spun a silk mat by waveing his head from side to side. The silk stuff came from a gland beneath his mouth. He than hooked his rear legs to the silk and hung upside down in the shape of a J. He began to wiggle and jiggle and his skin split open from it‘s head down to the back. Her skin was not like it should be. It was lime-green and yellow and squshy. He finneshed molting and the old skin clung to the silk mat. But it was not over. The hardest part was yet to come. He had a black stalked called a cremaster which is coverd with litte microscopic hooks. He had to twist his body so the stuff would be hooked to the silk mat. He began to wiggle and wiggle (I’ve seen this before in real life it is funny). In a split second she would un hook himself from the mat then re-hook. If he failed, he would not become a butterfly. … SUCCSES! He had hooked the cremaster and he now just had to wait to hraden into a crysalas. When he hardend, he was like a piece of jewlrey. He was jade green with little speacks of glistening gold.
      After 15 days, the chrysalis became clear. It looked black but it was clear. The orange and black stripped wings could be seen, he was about to hatch.
    When Striped hatched, the crickets were chirping and Stripe, hanging on to the chrysalis shell, was basking in the sun pumping blood from his now fat abdomen into his short, shriveled, wings. As he pumped blood, his wings got bigger and falter and his abdomen skinnier. He began curling and uncurling his proboscis, his drinking tube, that was in two halves. He had to press them together and make them one. After two hours his soft wings were stronger. He began to open and close his bright wings. Soon he could fly. A little girl, the one keeping him, released him into the outdoors. He scenced flowers. He flew to a sweet lilac with his new, 4 inch long wings and uncurled his long, thin black proboscis. Stripe had big eyes with dark blue swirl, long feelers, a fuzzy black and white spotted head, and beautiful oarnge wings with thin black stripes and white spots along the edges (females have thick black stripes). He was very handsome and was very good with the ladies!
    He was about to start a dangerous journey, a journey every butterfly must take, the jorney every monarch must take, the journey of a monarch butterfly.

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