Saturday, May 28, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

I have never been so scared!

Last night, I was at grandma and grandpa's house when there was a huge wind that started to come. Daddy went outside and I (the only one) stayed inside. He said the clouds were spinning. I saw them to and got very scared. I kept thinking that a tornado was forming. Avery said it was getting closer. It was very windy and the clouds were very dark and scary. It all looked like a tornado was going to happen! When I saw the cloud it was big and wide and scary. I began to cry. Daddy said it was alright but that did'nt help. I kept running around looking through the windows. It started to rain and then I coulden't see what was outside very well. Good thing they had a basment and if you went upstairs, there was this little door that went down in the basment. We soon went home.
Pew! I have never ever been so scared in my life!

P.S. Charlie is at the vet! The vet says that Charlie is between 9 months and one year old!