Wednesday, April 27, 2011


 Sorry for not posting this sooner!

Roslyn and her favorite puppy

A little picture a made!
   We sold all the puppies!
Here is a list: (P.S. I watched a sad movie called Amish Grace about the Amish school shooting plus I got my quill pen today and used a lot of fast-going ink which is supposed to be blue but is black!)
OKAY you already know 2 so..
My fave: Red ribbon pup----- named Bear (Perfect name since he's such a tubba panda face!)
 He chased and barked at the cat and got swatted and hissed at! He better be good with cats!
  The owners' kids where so surprised! They were told they were there to get a saw but instead they got a pup! "Not a'" "No! Are you serious?"
 The blue pup had the PERFECT name! Bella! That is what I called her!

   It is sad now that their are gone! Sucking on their mama's things!

  The boys staid the night at their friend house. Okay this video we made a while ago and now I show it to you.....
                                                    Are old dog Jasper
Come on! This video is taking forever to process!


Friday, April 15, 2011

Two puppies sold and more to be

Okay we got two puppies going home:
1. Puppy without a ribbon
Name: Brita (Female)
Breed: German Shepherd
About: Uh, she was a sweet one but I can't say much since I don't know which ribbonless pup she is.

2. Green ribbon pup (My moms favorite female and my second favorite female)
Name: Chewy (Do you like that name for a dog? I think it's a bit silly!)
Breed: German Shepherd
About: Green ribbon puppy is a very sweet pup with on floppy ear and one strait ear (so far!) good with cats (hopefully her time with Charlie makes her be sweet to cats! The owner of Chewy has two!).

Later on today another pup will be sold.

Puppy today

Puppy a few days after birth with her mama

                          Green puppy is on the right, Titus, the daddy, is in the background on left
                                                                   Asa holding a male

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The kindle is fixed and more news!

  The kindle is fixed :) and we are seeing one of our puppies go bye bye!(It is going to his or her new home!) :(
     Avery is playing Zelda!
   Okay, now to more exiting news.
        Mrs. Steele, do you know Rosalyn (is that how you spell it?) ? If you don't she goes to our church. Anyway, I hardly know her but shes staying the night at me house on Saturday before we go to our surprise place at church! So I will have a new friend, YA!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


(Look a kindle post below this post!)

   Charlie ate a fly!


  My kindle froze! The problems are listed below. If you cal help HELP!
Kindle wont turn off
Kindle wont reset
Kindle wont show screen saver (It is just blank!)
Kindle wont let me go on any of the books I select
Wireless wont turn on
Kindle wont charge  (At least I don't think it is! If a take it out is says its charging.)
And now I cant do anything! I can press a single button! It has completely froze with the wireless bars showing.


Friday, April 8, 2011


    THIS IS FOR ALL OWNERS OF "LEGEND OF ZELDA: TWILIGHT PRINCESS (NENTENDO (WII)) Got the big kea for the Lakebed tempol but do not have the water risen to get to the door? Just go to the room where the boss door is, use your clawshot on the shandelir (there is also a heart peice there!) and just hang down from it and drop. Hopfuly you will land on the ground on the pillar! The trick? You are supposed to have water run thruogh so it gets full to the round pillar where the door is. If you do it this way you don't have to go through finding that last water thing!  THIS IS A CHEAT FOR ANYBODY WHO OWNS THIS GAME! If you are wondering something fell free to comment!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stuff that is going on

I just want to blog right now. 
  Seven of our pups are sold. All the males and 4 females so there are three left. We still have them because they were put into a deposit. We will be saying "good bye!" in about eight weeks. We moved them into the garage and take them out every once in a while. They are so cute running about outside! 

   We got my grandpa a kindle. He really wanted one. When he opened it he did not know what it was until he turned it over and saw"Amazon kindle" on it. "Hey! Thanks!" He said. On Saturday I will stay the night and tell 
him about it. 

  Grandpa's dog Juda (A small collie) was very small and yippy the last time I saw him Now he is bigger (But still small for a collie and wont get much bigger) and has lots of long hair. He will growl and chase his shadow!

  Blogging In rainbow colors is fun!
      We got to take Charlie to the vet soon. I do not know when his b-day is! Something December....

    Zelda the boys are playing The Legend of Zelda. Avery is nagging me about it.

    Hey Mrs. Steele! Do you know what my class at church will be doing on the 17th? Find out later!

The flower fairy of the week (minus three)

The fairy: O, what a great big bee
Has come to visit me!
He's come to find my honey.
O, what a great big bee!

The bee: O, what a great big clover
I'll search it all over,
And gather all it's honey.
O, what a great big clover! 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Get a peek!

Get a peek of my book Eight Stars (Two girls) the story of Anne Frank and Hanneli Goslar, Holocaust survivor.

......The rain pored down on Anne. She kept her head down and moved her eyes back and forth making sure that there were  no Nazis in sight. Anne raised her head a little and saw a tall brown building. "Daddy, this is your office!" Anne said staring up at the building, holding her hat to her head. Rain got into her eyes and made her blink. She stepped into the warm room. The sent of spices filled her nose. Pepper, paprika, rosemary, oh how strong it smelled. Anne was about to sneeze when Mr. Kulger said: "Hurry! Your late! The workers will be arriving soon!" They quickened their pace and fallowed Miep. They came to a small door. Meip opened it. Otto and Edith came in first. Anne came in and stopped and looked at Miep as she closed the door.