Monday, May 12, 2014


I recently got my signed copy of "The One" by Kiera Cass and so far its okay. Mer is just annoying me. I also recently bought the first Harry Potter book and I read the first chapter. It's kinda weird.. Tfios movie in a little less then a month and still haven't seen a commercial on TV for it. A new TFIOS clip came out today and some casting news for Insurgent. 
Photo credit goes to V.B. ( this is my cat Charlie ) 


Monday, January 6, 2014

I hate autocorrect Blogithon hour 1 day 1

Dhdjosnfpoebor hejdisksldifnxkslronaisifhzkd fkrktkfldlekfjlfldkfkdkvlskelenekdofkd krktkdkdkdkkfkdkdndnsn

I will type with me eyes closed and it will come out perfect! You know why??? AUTOCORRECT! No editing will be done to this post, enjoy 

Heklicjtvbqb u w. g c f juke h newer fj. Fd gr rhe heb. FDA at fjjwr n n jk. JH JJ 

Wow I was wrong :/ well I hate it because it turns words into whatever rot wants IT JUST dId it I said IT and it put ROT

It changed the post title also 

  Ky Yale el loud e
Round wo kre


I I did age u inde g I I. I t 

Well it used autocorrect cause I never said THAT lol


Sunday, January 5, 2014


I wanna host the first ever Blogithon. 
Staring ME!!!


I will post every hour for 7 hours tomorrow and then two posts everyday for a week!


I am the only one excited 

Snow snow snow

It just keeps snowing and snowing, it's snowed all day. It's really deep. It is suppossed to be -15 degrees tomorrow. 
My brother --- not rob --- loves Squirt soda. I don't like it. I don't think I have anymore "Followers." oh we'll. Whatever. Hello random follower please leave a comment! SNOW!

Going to write a 2013 in reveiw :)

Signed books

So I walk in the books store and what do I see? Chamipoin be Marie Lu! Third book in the legend series, signed!

For Christams::::
I got signed copies of the Fault in our Stars and Looking for Alaska by John Green :)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Another post?!

Going through OLD posts is funny
Going through 2012 posts is sad
Because there are like so many memories. Things I posted and comments people have left. And now I feel like I failed, like I was awesome, and and now I failed and I don't even know if people read this blog anymore. I want to turn my blog into a book and call it 

Okok ok
 So enough

........ D e a r blog
So I have failed.
Over and over.
I will fail again.
Unless some people can comment that they are still here for me ... The blog.... Then I will feel better

I feel

I feel like I am the only blogger who blogs so randomly. I swear!